Please contact the
Physics and Astronomy Department
for information on public showings at the Howell Observatory.


Before you go to the trouble of driving out to the Observatory, look up at the sky and make sure it is clear. Also, take along a jacket. It is usually cooler than you expect.
Finally, since the gate to the South Farm is often locked, please arrive by start time to ensure entry.

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International Space Station:

When this behemoth passes overhead, it outshines most of the stars in the sky.  To find out when it will be visible in your night sky, check out this links:

(There are even smartphone apps for locating the ISS.)

Directions to the Observatory:

Find the intersection of Blackjack and South Farm roads. (It is the red light closest to Starkville's only roundabout.) Proceed south on South Farm road until you see a marker telling you to turn left for the observatory. The observatory will be on the right hand side.
When you leave, there is no need to turn around; simply continue around the loop that takes you back to South Farm road.

N.B. On the South Farm beware of ditches along roadsides.

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