Hobbies and extracurricular interests.

I have too many hobbies. Here are my current favorites:

Photography. I began this hobby many years ago with a Sears SLR (Yashica). I quickly moved up to the Canon F-1. I recently bought a Canon 40D and I am enjoying the challenge of making good digital photographs.

Piano. Semi-retired piano professor Dr. Harold Thompson is a constant source of inspiration and encouragement.


French: I like almost everything French (salad dressing being one of the exceptions): the language, the people, Francis Cabrel, Obelix, Carrefour, l’IAS, CESR, un bon pain de campagne, Emmanuelle Beart....



  • As an undergraduate Physics major I received honorable mention on the Putnam Math exam.
  • MSU Alumni Association Undergraduate Teaching Award.
  • ....more to come


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